Panel of Experts

If you need independent information on ecological and compostable biopackaging made of plastics or film, our experts are the proper contact.

/personenfotos/stephanwilkens.jpgStephan Wilkens leads the quality management at the foil manufacturer alesco. He is also the project coordinator for their lately developed bio-coex-packaging-films based on renewable raw materials. He knows the technical possibilities in the production of biofilm and the quality and machine runability requirements of customers in the further processing.
/personenfotos/zimmermann.jpg Patrick Zimmermann is the sales director at the raw material refiner FKuR. The company belongs to the first providers of biogranulate for high quality bio-film-packaging. He knows the suppliers’ side, analyses the selling conditions and continually researches on the improvement of compostable granulates.

/personenfotos/michaelthielen.jpgDr. Michael Thielen is the publisher of Bioplastics Magazine. Currenty Bioplastics Magazine is mailed to more than 3,000 qualified readers in over 85 countries. Therefore it belongs to the most important bioplastics' news platforms.