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June 11th 2008 | DOWNLOAD PRESS RELEASE (139 kb, pdf)

Independent online platform for bioplastic films launched:

With the launch of the new online-platform all important questions related to bioplastic films are answered on one website from June, 11th 2008. A detailed bioplastic-film-lexicon, recent news and specialized contributions turn the independent knowledge- and news-portal into the first contact point for all branches encountering bioplastic films.

Can a biofilm actually be composted? What is the film made of and which vantages has biofilm besides its eco friendliness? The new independent online-platform not only answers all the essential questions related to biofilms. With its periodical expert articles the reader is always up to date on all the developments. Moreover a collection of links provides additional information on the topic.

Core of the platform is the biofilm-lexicon that is subdivided into eight different focuses: background information, raw materials, production, legal requirements, marketing, management, public discussion and disposal. The steadily enlarged lexicon answers all the essential questions on those subjects. Therefore the participation for the readers is an essential part of the platform: They are always welcome to pose questions that will rapidly be answered on the website in a plain manner.

The content of the portal is penned by an uncommitted brains trust. The members are representatives of the raw material- and production-side as well as disposal specialists and experts in bioplastics marketing.

Operating company of the platform is the communication agency wortsuchttext from Düren, Germany, that has – among other things – specialized on bioplastics.

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The communication agency wortsuchttext was founded in Bonn in 2003 by the two journalists and public-relations-advisers Magdalena and Christian Dietz. Today the agency coaches small and medium-sized businesses from different branches with the whole spectrum of business communications. „Modern communication is like a solid bridge. It creates a connection between our customers and their target groups is their credo in doing so. For the communication agency that means regarding all communication- and marketing-activities as a unity for reaching the maximum success in the interest of the customer. After all the bridge – that is wortsuchttext.

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